About US

The idea of Goa for many is a Susegado (relaxed) life filled with fun, sandy beaches, friendly people, and the list goes on. We at TRD have the same philosophy of everyone having a relaxed life rather then a life full of stress and what better place to be in, and own your home in Goa. We are committed to incorporate that sense of comfort & luxury so that you have a fantastic experience. 

Our vision is to retain the architectural identity of Goa, which over the time is diluting due to influx of fly by night construction companies which have no understanding of our rich Goan heritage and culture. Our positive attributes being the essence of retaining the various elements of Portuguese design in our architecture, the proof of which lies in our completed projects. 

Our commitment to mother earth forms the basis of our design and execution philosophy, wherein we ensure that no trees are cut and have more green areas in our complexes. With dedicated professionals at the helm, having experience of over 20 years of construction in India and abroad, you are guaranteed of quality, delivery and after sales commitments.